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Donate your points to the petty artist. These points will used to their worth.

Starving children in Africa will be fed.
The homeless will be sheltered.
A cure for cancer will be found.
World peace will be achieved. :P

In all seriousness these points will go towards getting new models and props for Gmod/SFM as well as getting a fresh persona/OC for myself. If you like, I could do a small Gmod request for when you donate points.

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Thanks Windows 10 for giving me this wonderful black screen! Now all of my work is delayed and there doesn't seem to be a fix on the web that works.
Bloodborne-Through Pale Eyes(Frollo Finale) by MaddogSamureye
Bloodborne-Through Pale Eyes(Frollo Finale)
The Church now emptied, the School of Mensis in a nightmarish shamble, and the cries of Mergo are finally silenced. The Scourge of Beasts has been stopped, and what's left of Yharnam still remains. Frollo heads back into the Hunter's Dream to encounter the Workshop set ablaze. The Plain Doll speaks to Frollo to seek Gherman, to be rid of the hunter's dream. Frollo profoundly accepts Gherman's offer; hoping to finally see peace at the end of a terrible nightmare. 

Frollo has reawakened in Yharnam. The sun shines over the bleak town, after what seems like an eternal night. Though dawn breaks, his work is far from over. Back at Cainhurst Castle, Queen Annalise is greeted by the presence by the weary old hunter. The church had betrayed him, God himself has yet to be heard from again, and Frollo's faith in the old ways has since been diminished. He now bows before the Queen as a newly christened Vileblood. "
We two, the very last on this earth. We await thy return. For the honor of Cainhurst. "

Edit: The text became italicized when citing a quote. There doesn't seem to be a way to fix this. Sorry about that. Enjoy the ending regardless.…
Don't mind me; just submitting some mediocre fan-wanks for Bloodborne. The things I do for creative writing.
Bloodborne: Eldritch Truth (Read the description) by MaddogSamureye
Bloodborne: Eldritch Truth (Read the description)
After encountering the Queen of the Vilebloods, Frollo makes his way back to the Cathedral Ward in search of the truth. Her words still ring in his mind; "We’ve tired of these piteous nights… Share in Our plight, and take oath against the church." Frollo makes his way back to the Ward and heads up to the elevator to the upper level of the Grand Cathedral. From there, he hopes to talk to the leaders of the Choir, the members of the church responsible with maintaining Yharnam's "special blood." Once he finally reaches Grand Cathedral, he takes the lift down to the lower levels. In the lower levels, Frollo is left stunned to discover what no man should ever find...

Nothing. Nothing was there, but a Eldritch abomination in place where a worshiped statue would be. Frollo is taken back, reeling at the fact that his previous prayers for answers would not reach his god. Was there ever a god? Is this "thing" a god? Is it HIS god? He could not bring himself to slay the beast, his head heavy with insight on the horrifying discovery. Frollo heads back to the Cathedral Ward, one hand on his forehead. Can he even continue the hunt with the "truth" that he uncovered?

Chapter theme:…
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Wow. 5,000 views! Thanks everyone! With my work getting better, the interactions with other people, the people I meet, and just being an all-around friendly Deviant has earned me some better views in my recent works. How convenient that I have an update on the light of this growing number of views.

The low down: College is coming up on Monday, meaning that I'll be hunkering down on the old homework just like last year. If I put up less work than usual, then here's why. I'm also taking a break from posters to do what I should have been doing for some time: model porting. You've seen me do a lot of work with Transformers models, but I've done NOTHING about getting new ones. I've put up TONS of requests for people to get models from Fall of Cybertron, and it seems to either run on deaf ears, or just busy people. With time on my hands, I think I'm going to do my part of the request, and try my hand at this myself alone. Though I would love to find someone to join in the fun, but I can't seem to find anyone who would. So it's a solo-job for now until I can find people.

Again, don't expect more pics from me unless it's testing a new model or I'm doing HW. 

'Til All Are One


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James Cheamitru
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I love video games. I dream of great things that can be done. I imagine great cross-overs from other franchises and have writing them done for quite some time. with gmod and SFM, I can make it happen. New to having an art-sharing profile, so cut me some slack! New, excited, and ready for ideas and advice.

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